Millions of players and spectators worldwide enjoy playing the famous fast-paced multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game League of Legends (LoL). In 2022, LoL earned over 600 million hours of watch time, with the World Championship finals attracting 5.2 million viewers.

But other games are also dominating eSports and PC gaming, not just MOBAs. League of Legends has also dominated the betting business, with many MOBA lovers indulging in eSports through the best online betting in Singapore and other countries.

What is League of Legends?

Riot Games released League of Legends in 2009, an intense team-based strategy game. In this game, two teams of up to five (5) players each pick their own “champions” and square off to demolish the other’s towers and base. The battles run anywhere from 20 minutes up to an hour and include much strategy and coordination between teammates.

Since the launch of LoL in 2009, Riot has created several game maps for the eSports genre, albeit several have left the game.

Types of League of Legends Bets

LoL tournaments are plentiful, and the best online gambling sites in Singapore have them. This market provides bettors with different betting markets and here are some of the LoL bets out there:

Outright Match Winner

The most well-liked and simple League of Legends betting market is this one. Gamblers in outright match-winner wagering predict the team that will win a specific match. The odds connected with outright match-winner betting are relatively low, which means bettors have a considerably better chance of winning a wager.

Tournament Winner

Another popular option for LoL gamblers is the tournament winner market. This is where they stake on a specific team to win the entirecompetition and get named champions. The tournament winner bet is riskier to place than the match winner bet because it has higher odds and needs more luck to win.

Map Winner

The team that will win the game is the subject of wagering on the match’s map winner. Keep an eye on each team’s gold, experience, item lead, and team makeup. A team that prioritizes team fights will typically be better able to build a lead and increase their chances of taking the map.

First Inhibitor Destroyed

Which team will eliminate the game’s first inhibitor is the subject of the First Inhibitor Destroyed bet. This wager assumes that a team with a more significant edge in gold, experience, and items can accomplish these goals. A team may be able to advance toward the goal before the opposing team if they have a gold or item advantage.

First Tower Destroyed

Choosing which team will destroy the game’s opening tower is the focus of the First Tower Destroyed betting market.

This wager is based on two factors: (a) the relative wealth and expertise of the two teams and (b) the team battles that occur between them. A team won’t be able to push for the tower and will probably lose the wager if they fail to win a team fight.

To learn more about League of Legends in eSports, check out this infographic by 88Probet.