New casino games appear all the time but the classic ones continue to gain new fans. One of the most famous casino games in the world is blackjack — a card game with simple rules that became a part of popular culture over the years. A lot of people begin their gambling journeys with blackjack because it’s easy to get into and doesn’t require any previous experience. There are a lot of people in South Africa that enjoy this game and, luckily, it is available not only offline but also online. Here’s what you should know about blackjack.

How do you play online blackjack?

If you are interested in blackjack online South Africa, you would be happy to hear that the rules of this game are no different whether you play it offline or online. In the classic version of this game, you get cards that provide you with a different number of points depending on the suit. In the game, your goal is to get the highest number in your cards but avoid going over 21 points. For instance, if you have 19 points and a dealer has 18, you have won. However, if a dealer has 20 and you get 22 points, you lose. 

When it comes to how numbers are attributed to cards, the system is very simple. Each picture card is worth 10 points while the ones with numbers give as many points as stated on them. Depending on the rules of a chosen blackjack variant, an Ace can be worth either 10 points or 1 point. 

When you have received the first two cards, it’s time to make a decision whether you want to draw another one or pass. When one of the players has 16 points, the game stops and no one can draw any longer. As you can see, the rules are very straightforward, so anyone can get into blackjack. Compared to some poker sessions and other games, the benefit of blackjack is that you can play it quickly. 

Blackjack at YesPlay: enjoy a fun game on a reliable platform 

At YesPlay, you can play blackjack not just online but rather live. The blackjack game is streamed right from a reputable casino and you also get to play with a real dealer. All of these factors add to the realism of the experience, so the game is much more enjoyable to play.