Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a game known for its high-intensity gameplay, nail-biting moments, and thrilling comebacks. Over the years, the CS:GO competitive scene has witnessed numerous unforgettable moments that have left fans in awe and players on the edge of their seats. In this blog post, we will take a trip down memory lane and explore some of the most dramatic moments in CS:GO history. From astonishing clutches to miraculous comebacks, these moments have shaped the legacy of the game and have etched themselves into the hearts of fans worldwide.

“The Play” by fnatic’s flusha:

In 2014, during the DreamHack Winter Grand Finals, fnatic’s flusha pulled off an incredible clutch known as “The Play.” With his team on the brink of defeat against Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP), flusha single-handedly dismantled the opposing team, securing four kills in a matter of seconds. His exceptional game sense, precise aim, and incredible timing turned the tide of the round and propelled fnatic to victory.

“The Crouch Shot” by GuardiaN:

During the MLG Columbus 2016 Major, Na’Vi’s GuardiaN delivered one of the most iconic shots in CS:GO history. In the Grand Finals against Luminosity Gaming (now SK Gaming), GuardiaN, on the brink of elimination, crouched behind a smoke and managed to connect an unbelievable no-scope AWP shot onto coldzera. The shot not only showcased his individual skill but also displayed the sheer clutch potential of players under immense pressure.

“The Heist” by s1mple:

During ESL One Cologne 2016, Natus Vincere’s s1mple pulled off an incredible one-vs-five clutch against Team Liquid. With his team trailing by a large margin, s1mple went on a tear, swiftly eliminating each opponent one by one. His exceptional aim, game sense, and nerves of steel allowed him to secure the round, leaving the crowd in awe of his talent and turning the tide of the match in Na’Vi’s favor.

“The Ninja Defuse” by Ninjas in Pyjamas:

In the quarterfinals of ESL One Cologne 2014, Ninjas in Pyjamas faced Team Dignitas on the map Overpass. With NiP down 13-15 in the final round, Xizt managed to sneak past the enemy team and defuse the bomb amidst chaotic gunfire and confusion. The ninja defuse not only saved the round for NiP but also showcased the importance of strategic play and composure in high-pressure situations.

“The Flick” by s1mple:

In a match between Team Liquid and during ESL One New York 2016, s1mple, then playing for Team Liquid, delivered an astonishing flick shot that defied belief. As executed a fast A-site push on Mirage, s1mple rotated and swiftly flicked his crosshair to connect a mind-boggling no-scope AWP shot onto Snax. The sheer precision and reflexes displayed in that moment left spectators and fellow players in awe. learn more

“The Inferno Comeback” by Fnatic:

During ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals, Fnatic faced off against Team EnVyUs in the grand finals. Down 2-13 on the map Inferno, Fnatic staged an extraordinary comeback, winning 14 consecutive rounds to secure a remarkable victory. The relentless determination, strategic brilliance, and individual skill displayed by Fnatic in that match solidified their reputation as one of the greatest teams in CS:GO history.

“The Double Overtime” between SK Gaming and

In the Grand Finals of the ELEAGUE Major Atlanta 2017, SK Gaming and battled it out in an epic double-overtime on Train. The match featured incredible individual performances, exceptional team plays, and intense clutch situations. The back-and-forth nature of the game and the sheer level of skill displayed by both teams made it an unforgettable moment in CS:GO history.


The history of CS:GO is filled with dramatic moments that have captivated audiences and showcased the incredible skill and resilience of players. From clutch plays to astonishing comebacks, these moments have become iconic and have contributed to the game’s enduring legacy. As the CS:GO competitive scene continues to evolve, fans eagerly await the next dramatic moment that will etch itself into the annals of CS:GO history.