How to Play Three cards l is a very popular traditional game in many casinos. However, few people know that the Three Trees is one of the transformative Baccarat games.


“If you want to win fast and win big, hit the three trees”. That is the convincing advice of an online casino player at the Kubet for those who are full of enthusiasm for making money. It can be said that at present, Three Trees is the easiest game to play, and easy to win. So, how to play Three Trees at Ku? Let’s find out in the information below!

What is the three-card game at the Kubet dealer?

How to Play Three Trees is a very popular traditional game in many casinos. However, few people know that the Three Trees is one of the transformative Baccarat games. Which, the three-card game is the method by which the house will deal with the players. Then, to determine the win or loss, people will bet on the number of points and the number of cards.

In addition, in the Three New Cards at the online dealer Ku casino, the gameplay also includes a method of betting on combinations of special cards. In the card game system.

Three Cards is considered a simple way to play, has a fast game time, and is very fair and transparent. Therefore, for those who are passionate about killing and loving luck, Three Trees is a great subject for you to experience.

In particular, at the Ku house, the interface of the Three trees is extremely “genuine”. You will be comfortable watching the hot Dealers serve to deal or check cards. All contribute to creating a very authentic feeling, just like the way you play at the big casinos today.

Steps to the Three Cards game at Kubet

 To be able to participate in playing Three Trees at Ku, you first need to have an account. If you have just started getting acquainted with the Ku house. Then create an account to enter the game. After you have an account, you continue to proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Click log in on Kubet’s homepage at

Step 2: Then click on Live Casino and select WM Casino. Here, the Ku dealer will provide the entire list of games displayed specifically. You just need to find the game Three trees in the menu list on the left-hand side and click on it to play Three trees.

Detailed instructions on the rules of the Three-card game at the Kubet bookie

It is not difficult to be able to play Three Trees at Ku. The operations to receive cards and bets are carried out very simply, very easily. With only a few initial “draft” games, you will quickly integrate into this new game format.

How to play Three cards

On the Kubet three-card game, a table is designed with 1 door for the dealer and 3 doors for the player. Thus, 1 fixed table with 3 trees with 4 chairs. Players will then proceed to choose 1 of the 3 doors that they predict to win.

When the game begins, players bet their calculated amount and the beautiful Dealers will proceed to deal cards on the doors. The first hand is called the cut to determine the order in which the cards are dealt. The cards are then dealt to the doors in a counter-clockwise direction with 3 cards each.

At the end of the deal, the KU dealer’s system will compare the points of the 3 doors and determine the winner. The doors placed in the Three Trees are as follows:

– For players, they can place bets on win, lose, tie, 3 cards, and double card combinations.

– For the dealer, place a combination of double cards.

How to calculate the score of the game three trees

Based on the score of 3 cards, Three cards will be calculated and compared as follows:

– The cards include: J, Q, K, and 10 cards are counted as 0 points.

– The other card remaining has the same number of points as the value of that card.

– If the total number of points of the 3 cards exceeds 10 or 20, only the number of points of the row of the unit will be counted.

– The letter symbol P is the symbol representing the playing card.

– Display of the combination will be the card and the total number of points. For example, if the display is P5, it means that you have drawn 1 balsamic and the total score is 5 points.

– In case the score and the number of cards of the two doors are equal, the result is considered a tie.

– In the event of a tie, but the player chooses to bet on the losing hand, that bet will be refunded the bet amount.

Payout rates of bets in the Three Cards game

Based on the result of winning and losing, the payout ratio with the Three-card game at the Kubet house is as follows:

Opening Result Odds

Player wins 1:0.96

Player loses 1:0.96

Draw 1:8

Three trees 1:16

The payout ratio of the results that appear in a doubles combination has its own rules. 


Ratio Card Combination

Harmony 1:40

Quarterly 1:30

Shun death 1:6

Flower field 1:3

1 pair 1:1

KUBET the best online platform in Vietnam

Hopefully, the information about Three trees at Kubet above will help you understand more about this game. With a quick play format, transparent and simple way of comparing cards, Three Cards will not make you feel too headache or difficult to integrate into the game. Try it with Ku’s Three Trees today guys!


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